How I Made a 336% ROI and got FREE Cab Rides spending $37

Every year I travel to Sydney 3-4 times to work and fun to visit family, friends and also a few music festivals – namely Subsonic and Secret Gardens.

When arriving at the Sydney Kingford I need to catch an Uber to my destination.

So I walk to the “green express” area for ride-shares like Uber.


I see this one person handing out flyers there for a local ride-sharing app – forget the name – taxify??

She has a stack of flyers that say “FREE $20 Coupon” for your first ride… and it has her code… She’s even there help you install the app on your phone, putting the coupon in for you!

How awesome is that?

She has figured out that people flying into the airport will need a ride somewhere, so I worked out the maths.

Say a full-loaded plan with 200 passengers, and 10% of passengers need to get to their location.

Planes are landing EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of the day.

For every successful referral, she gets to use her referral code she gets $20.

Even if she gets 10 people to use her code than it she would have made a $200 day.

Smart idea…

So I figured, let’s give this a crack – let’s do the exact same thing but in the comfort of my pajamas.

Let’s run some ads over the internet – Google Ads and see how it goes.

  1. Created the Ads
  1. Created the Landing page

It worked….success

Here are the results…

I spent $37 and the notifications of my phone started going off.

It’s pretty simple to run Google Ads to this offer which I’ve done here.

A quick break down – so my ads were shown 262 times to people who have pulled out their phone and entered my referral code.

Here are some of the coupons that I have, some are used but I still have unused ones.. so give it a try… FREE for you guys that are reading.

It was interesting because I had run this campaign for about 10 days and most of them were used on Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

Even more interesting was that 2 weeks when I was in Bali, Indonesia for a marketing conference. One code came through.

Cost of advertising $37 – Profit $180 – 386.49% Return on Investment

Not bad for an investment…

So I tried it again with a Cab Driver in the UK.

Unfortuantely I don’t use ride-sharing enough to spend it. But I hope it inspires you and opens up your mind of how simple this.

My mate, let’s call him Bob mentioned that there is one cab driver in that using the same method and earning 2000 GBP a week, it’s doable and I have another method where you can really structure this into a real business and doing $1000’s in about 2 hours. But only for my readers that sign up.

For now just hit me up on my personal Facebook.

UPDATE: We’re still killing it and it’s an overachiever – just under 2x the typical CTR.

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