Learn How to Create & Optimise Your Google Maps Listing (Checklist)

Learn How to Create & Optimise Your Google Maps Listing (Checklist)

#1 Setup Your Google My Business Listing (Google My Maps)

It’s a simple wizard but be sure the EXACT name, address and phone number you enter here for your business is EXACTLY what you plan on using EVERYWHERE else (directories, your website, etc)

#2 Claim/Verify Your Google My Biz Listing

If you have a brick and mortar or address, this is simple - just do a phone or address verification (as of this year, phone verifications are getting much more difficult so the postcard method will have to do). This should take about a week to receive in your mailbox with a PIN code.

If you don’t, I offer multi-listing verification ANYWHERE instantly for a low cost.

#3 Optimizing Your Listing - The Info Tab

Choose the right category

  • For your business category, search variations of what your customers would search and use the most common

Add your hours

  • If it’s a virtual biz, set it to 24 hours

Add a website and appointment URL if applicable

  • Even if this is just a listing to generate calls, throw up a simple call only landing page using the built-in Website builder Google has and setup a website with some basic info

Add services

  • These can be high level and just have a couple sentences each, but cover off the search terms you’re after showing up for, an example here

Maximize your description

  • Include your key ranking phrase and geomodifer in your description - this is the perfect area to ‘sell’ your potential lead as well

#4 Optimizing Your Listing - Photos

Choose the right pictures (2 minimum - 1 profile, 1 cover)

  • If you’re a local biz take pictures of the brick and mortar and use those

  • If this is a virtual service - make the pictures relevant, color contrast is king

  • If this is a fake local biz, take a street view screen capture and photoshop your logo in or use a cleaned up version of the street view

Optimize your pictures for local (geotagging + keyword optimizing)

Upload your geotagged and optimized images

  • Be sure to put the keyword in your file name

#5. Google Posts

Write at least 3 posts that talk to an offer, a product/service or an event

  • Keep it simple and choose high color contrast images to help stand out

  • Example here

Schedule your Google Posts

  • You can set a start and end date up to 364 days apart

#6. Google Posts - Advanced (optional)

Write a post for each upcoming holiday

Write a post for each month

Schedule all posts for the next 12 months

#7 Links (Low - Med Competition)

Setup your social media presence

  • An easy ways to do this if you don’t want to do it manual:

  • Do the basics at least: Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter

Press release

  • Do a simple press release to just get your name out and say ‘we’ve launched’, you can use free PR directories or go with one of these:

  • The Hoth

  • Konker.io (I use this - it’s just for the links and NAP)

Citation campaign (local listings)

  • Drip these over time where possible and if doing this manually, focus on the smaller ones that don’t do a lot of verification - you can leverage these for quick approvals on big directories

  • Lots of options here, but these are the ones I’d recommend:

  • The Hoth Local Package

  • BrightLocal - Cheapest ($2/citation in bulk) and 100% manual

  • Konker.io - It’s a marketing marketplace, I’d recommend this gig in particular

#7 Links (Med+ Competition) - Follow the above first

Web 2.0s

  • Drip creating these over time, make sure each one has your NAP and/or your website URL and uses unique content - typically you’ll want a video embedded and relevant image tagged correctly as well as 1-2 links out to credible sites per page (ie. wikipedia)

  • Geo optimize in all cases

  • Or outsource here on Konker.io

Guest Blogs / PBN Posts

  • Either can work here, depending on how competitive, I prefer guest blogs via outreach or via the places that accept guest blogs on guestposttracker.com

  • Same rules as web 2.0s, you’ll want it to be HQ and include your NAP and/or website URL

  • The more local the better

#8. Google Reviews

Get reviews added

  • Reach out to get manual ones.

  • Do to the 'Call For Help'. Get on your phone and text 20 people you know family, friends, people your have worked with and customers you've served that you know that will leave a 5 star glowing review.

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