Why Most of Dental Advertising Spend Is Wasted – What You Need to Know

Why Most of Dental Advertising Spend Is Wasted – What You Need to Know

The concept of "Prospect Awareness" in  Marketing came from Eugene Schwartz in 1966 when he published "Breakthough Advertising".

We’re going to look at an idea that is powerful. It comes from Eugeune Schwartz in his breakthrough advertising book which is written was written in the 40’s which covers some ideas especially about the awareness levels of your prospects.

As each prospects are in different stages of the buying cycle, you need to engage them with different ads, different headlines, different content and different educational  material and help them move to that next step of awareness.

You may have heard...

The concept of cold traffic, warm traffic and hot traffic before. It is kind of like an internet marketing terms that tries and melts this whole idea down into bite-sized ideas.

Cold being someone who doesn’t know who you are.

Warm being someone who kind of knows who you are and somewhat aware - maybe they have seen your website before, or seen something on facebook.

And hot traffic being someone who has made contact with you, or maybe bought something from you and even in your database.

To understand how this applies to you and your business or practice is powerful in engaging with prospect with the right message, at the right time.

Soo.. it’s important to understand this because you’ll get to see into the buying process.

The first stage, and there's 5 stages in total, is completely UNAWARE. At this stage they have no idea, no idea of who you are, no idea of your service or your solution - damn they don’t even know they even have a problem!

They are just coasting along their life - and this could be a person who is 10kg overweight it might be normal for him, or the business owner who has been running a business for 15 years - they aren’t doing any online marketing at all - they think everything is going fine in their business right now. They don’t know about social media marketing or seo (they don’t care) they think life’s good. Or they never heard of meditation or they just don’t care.

These are the most difficult people to reach BUT by the same token this is by FAR the most valuable audience to tap into because it's the BIGGEST market for you.

But here’s where the downside is - THIS IS NOT THE LOWEST HANGING FRUIT - this takes the most effort and energy because you have to move them through the different phases.

But I can tell you luckily in this day and age we have ‘interruption marketing’ tools such as Facebook PPC Advertising - which is when you start placing seeds in the prospects mind. What you’re doing is to get them to start to think differently.

This could be a video ad or blog content that says:

- Have you ever considered…

- Did you know…

Like for example, 

Seniors Are Opting For Dental Implants Like Never Before - Here's Why

Fear of Anxiety? New Technology Advances Means Pain-Free Dentistry Available - In Your Area

Look, a lot of people including myself prefer not to see a dentist if I had the option. Why? Because what’s been drilled into me (and that’s pun intended) have a perception that it’s painful and going to cost a lot.

You know that prevention is much better that having treatment.

But this is the stuff where you plant a seed an idea into their head and allowing them to learn more about it from you or your practice.

Look, but do these prospects know this? NO

It’s a huge segment they have to accept the idea before they will ever be interested in the funnel and learning who you are.

Good thing there's a platform called Facebook that can target just your local area and dominate.

So what’s the next step?

It’s PROBLEM AWARE… and to take the analogy of the anxious patient.

The first thing that we would do is promote a post that would make them aware of the problem and it could be a statistic from a study.

Did you know that [need geeta help - pain free 99%?]

And it comes down to knowing your target market is and knowing their exact problems that they face.

Now if someone already knows about this problem then they are PROBLEM AWARE. They are already researching and they might be typing into google at this time like… pain free dentist.

Now this is where I think we move over from the Facebook realm into the google realm, such as organic and pay per click  side of things.

Because what’s going on in our world in this day and age is most people will look to google as their one of the first touch points. 

In fact, 93% of Australians use Google as their search engine so when someone has a problem, and the searching about a problem, they go down a rabbit hole. They don’t know what the solutions are yet - they are looking for a solution, they turn to google.

This is where keyword research, blogging, and VIDEOS become powerful because you can help them understand about the problem, which segways into the 3rd phase - which is solution awareness.

And once we know we have a problem - and this is human nature - we want to go fix the problem.

So once the prospect understand that there is a way to go to the dentist without the pain. They know there’s a solution, they haven’t been to the dentist in a while, or they have been delaying it for a while because of the stigma of dentists. 

Now what do they do? They go and search for a solution.

Now for you, there's two options you can go to marketing to this segment of the prospect.

#1 if they have already been to your website - this is where retargeting can be so so powerful. So they went to your website and read your blog then you can retarget them on facebook. 

(you know, the ads that follow you around the internet) and have the ability to provide an offer of an optin or a new patient special.

When the prospect has visited your website, then that’s when you can retarget them which is incredibly powerful.

Retargeting is immensely powerful because you can show ads to the new patients, just to the segment that need implants etc.

On the flipside - we do more keyword research and get deeper into content marketing because people - like i said - they are looking for solutions to their problem. 

With the data from your Google Ads campaigns, organic data, GMB queries, you can find out what people are looking for and create blog posts, videos that answer their questions.

At this point this is where you plant your facebook pixel at them and provide them an offer.

Or inside your content, with a content upgrade or a consultation.

So now we’re 3 stages deep - we have the unaware stage, the problem-aware, and the solution aware.

Now the next stage is product aware - this is where the prospect knows that there is a product out there that can help them.

And continuing on from with our example… 

Within the dentistry, you are the product - the dentist or the practice that is providing the service to help them get dentistry that is pain free.

Now this is where these people are getting really warm at this point. They are ready to book, they’re credit cards are itching to get out of their pockets.

And look, people like to buy but not get sold to - which is a completely different conversation for next time.

The great this is that the prospects has succeeded the idea and identified the problem - they know it’s an issue and there’s a solution out there.

This is where we are engaging most of the prospects in the realm of facebook and google.

Up to this point, the first 3 stages is education. This is the inbound marketing and with the dental niche, it’s a much quicker process compared to other niches.

Every niche has different cycles, for example purchasing a house has a much longer cycle, then someone who was at a football game and broke his tooth and require an emergency treatment.

But all in all, the fastest way to generate patients in chair is to send paid traffic to the specific page or blog content of the services in which you want to promote.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to send them to a landing page, sometimes you will. It will depend on your specific circumstance and your current website.

Depending on what services you problem, changes are you’ll need to do content marketing and educate them.

At first you need to educate them when they are unaware and there is potential for a problem.

And if they are problem aware, then explain to them exactly  why the problems happen so then they will then look for a solution.

Because we can’t solve a problem if the problem isn’t defined. So you’ll need to help them define that problem in that phase.

Phase 3 is helping them understand that there are solutions out there and then you’re showing them some of the solutions. And now at this point if they have found you through interruption marketing and they didn't know about it. They may have read a post about your problem, and then a blog post about the solution - they have really warmed up to you.

At this point, we have them pixeled and cookie sitting on their browser, so when they go back to their facebook, they can see your new patient offer.

This is great because this is the part where you can be a champion in your local area to help educate people freely. And why? Because it’s because people purchase from people that they know, like and trust.

What you’re essentially doing is building trust, and trust through education.

And at stage 4 - when they are product aware.

This is the stage where you can directly run ads to prospects for an offer, consultation, new patient special and this is where you are providing them with a solution to what they want and in some cases, a one-time offer 

** Note that within APHRA guidelines in the health industry, one-time offers, and upsells are should not be used, or any scarcity tactics in Australia.

At this point many of the time you’ll need to follow up with a booking but i definitely helps to nurture them through them email, or chatbot.

When the leads becomes a patient and this is the perfect time to ask for a review of your product.

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